Girl 17, taking her A Levels whilst building her own company!

The Peachy Study account has reached over 221,000 Instagram followers

Emmy Griffiths

A student has been featured by Instagram after becoming a hugely successful Instagram sensation aged just 17! Emma, who goes by 'Peachy Study' on Instagram, sells a variety of personalised journals on her Etsy page, and opened up about her inspiration to start her own collection of notepads to Instagram. She said: "I really got inspired by the study community itself before I was a part of it. I would think, 'This is so cool, maybe this is a niche I can fit into.'"

Chatting to HELLO!, Emma said: "I definitely did not expect the level of success and response that the account has gotten, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to motivate and interact with such a large audience." She added: "I really like doing the personalised notebook orders for my Etsy shop, and I want to start offering personalised planners as well soon for 2018. For the long term, I just want to continue inspiring and motivating those in the study communities and elsewhere to keep working hard and succeed." 

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Emma is currently taking her A levels

Emma is currently taking her A Levels, and studies French, English and classic civilisation. She continued to speak about her own diaries, telling the popular social media platform: "Often when I do my pages, I’ll just start drawing things and counting all the squares to make sure it lines up. I don’t feel the need to rip out pages if there’s a tiny mistake — they all add to the overall spirit of the journal."

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In one post, Emma shared a photo of one of her gorgeous journals and wrote: "Another year of school done! Summer holidays have started and I'm definitely looking forward to allll that summer work haha! This year has been great, of course there have been setbacks but the most important thing is to just keep going and not let anything pull you off track for reaching your fullest potential! Next year will be my final year in school before uni so let's make it a good one! Peace out, year 12." Emma has over 221,000 followers, who regularly praise her artistic and organised approach to her work. One person wrote: "I loved the colours and the photos. It was incredible," while another added: "This is a masterpiece."