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Best weight loss tips 2021: From meal replacement shakes to metabolism-boosting workouts

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Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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Losing weight is never easy, and what with lockdown 3.0 and the lure of the fridge and snack cupboard closer than ever – not to mention homeschooling, stress and winter - losing weight in 2021 seems more of a battle than ever before.

If you’re struggling to find the best weight loss method for you, we’ve compiled five of the best tips to help you lose weight without the worry.


1. Stop the stress

Easier said than done when your whole life has been turned upside due to the pandemic, but stress is one of the biggest players in weight gain. We tend to eat more when stressed, and carry weight around our middle due to the hormones stress releases.

Try to incorporate some light meditation into your evening, when the kids are in bed or the work laptop is closed; this will not only calm your mind and mood, but help you sleep better too. The better you sleep, the easier the next day will feel.

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2. Try a meal replacement shake

If reaching for a sugar-laden snack or bag of crisps has become your boredom buster, knock it on the head with a diet overhaul; try replacing two of your daily meals with Almased, Germany's No.1* meal replacement shakes. They’re surprisingly filling and help you to take your focus from food being a mood-booster to other things, like walks in the park or a good box set.

almased© Almased

These meal replacement shakes are also different to others in the market as they’re packed with high nutrition ingredients and fill you up with goodness, rather than empty calories.

And long gone are the days of meal replacement shakes being one flavour – Almased can be used to make sweeter shakes like chocolate hazelnut or pumpkin spice, or more savoury flavours like tomato or green energy. Check the website for more recipe ideas.

3. Make daily walks a habit rather than a chore

It can be SUPER easy to just sit inside all day, and not gather the energy to take a daily walk. But an hour’s walk will boost your mood, get your metabolism moving and generally make you feel like you can take on the day.

Download a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to or an audiobook you’ve been wanting to read, and get pounding the pavement.

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4. Don’t skip meals

Tempting as it is to skip a meal, don’t. If you find you’re too busy to grab breakfast or lunch, make up a couple of Almased meal replacement shakes first thing before you start working so you can grab and go!

They’ll also fill you up enough to curb that afternoon slump due to their low-glycemic and high-protein (LGHP) blend. You’ll find you’ll be less hungry come dinner time and want to steer towards choosing a lighter, vegetable stacked meal instead of carbohydrate-heavy recipes.

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5. Buy some dumbbells

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a part-timer, add some weight to your workouts with a pair of dumbbells. Strength training, or working out with weights, helps to build lean muscle and burn calories quicker; the more lean muscle you have, the quicker you’ll find you lose weight.

You can use your dumbbells with squats, crunches, arm exercises…there’s a whole host of exercises they will enhance.

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*Euromonitor International (2020)

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