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Weekly horoscope: 5th to 11th February 2024

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
February 5, 2024
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Astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals what's in store for you this week. Read your horoscope below...


Moving from doing your own thing into the spirit of collaboration is something that is being flagged up on the celestial radar. The lunar New Year on Friday ignites an outreach policy which means you need to find those who can match with you in terms of initiating new goals.


It's not often that you feel like heading in an entirely new direction would be a good idea. However, you're getting the sense that pressing the re-set button would add more in terms of quality of life than take away in terms of disruption. With this in mind, Friday's New Year of the Dragon has you breathing fire!


Seldom have you felt so certain that new territories or interests will deliver the sparkle you seek. Having wrestled with complex issues for many months it's time to explore what lies on your horizon: the unexplored and unknown. Don't hesitate, even if others don't understand why. You do!    


Settling some old scores is part and parcel of February's remit. Not that it has to be a drama. You're just happy to be released from anything that has caused tension in the past. Getting free of entanglements and making new choices produces a sense of liberation that is totally rejuvenating.


You're getting used to a very different way of relating. One that requires you to stay absolutely present and in your power. Once this becomes second nature you'll see the difference between entering into needless tussles and retaining your own peace of mind. Detachment can work wonders!


If certain elements of your life seem to be a tricky mix, put it down to Pluto's intensity and the New Year of the Dragon which changes things at lightning speed. After Friday's New Moon you'll see that what's leaving is simply making way for the new to be born.


As a peace-loving sign it can be awkward for you to be around those who deliberately stir things up. However, you can choose not to take anything personally which is a very good mantra to live by. Focus on the people who add joy and take a major step back from any discord.


You are on the threshold of a new beginning which you've been feeling is coming for a long time. Much has to do with your attitude rather than any external situation. Inner release. As Friday's New Moon helps you turn a corner embrace the new.  


If you are finding the material world rather heavy, rest assured that your life is about to get lighter and brighter. Friday's Lunar New Year of the Dragon introduces sudden developments which inspire many new directions for you to explore. No need to hold back!


If there's one sign which dislikes things happening suddenly and unexpectedly it's the mountain goat. You tend to equate spontaneity with danger. However it need not be so. Rather an exciting download that will get you out of a rut which has become overly familiar.


It is the start of the Lunar New Year which is timed for the Aquarian New Moon on Friday that rings the cosmic alarm clock. Yes, it's a wake-up call for all water bearers to embrace the powerful Pluto in. Your sign and do what you do best:   Make a difference to your own life and for other people!


You can regard everything that's truly important as coming from an extra-curricular agenda as Friday's New Moon kick-starts thoughts of shaking off tiresome entanglements and freeing yourself to swim in a bigger and better pool. Once you've had these ideas they seem like a no-brainer.

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