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Your horoscope for the week ahead: 29th January to 4th February 2024

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
January 29, 2024
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Astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals what's in store for you this week. Read your horoscope below...


This is the kind of week that lights your fire. Discussions are lively and engaging so you’re enjoying playing around with ideas. Venus is also streaming a heart lifting vibration which helps to dissipate any recent tension, encouraging you to live in the moment.


Now that sizzling Uranus is powering ahead in Taurus, you’re finding new moves are easier to make. Stealing yourself to be the change-maker rather than the recipient of a fete accompli. As you’re feeling upbeat and generally joyous it’s simple to look forward rather than back.


An opportunity to switch things up is always welcome and you’ll find new projects flow effortlessly without any resistance. If you believe in the law of attraction this might have a lot to do with your own positive mindset which is perfectly aligned with the current planetary picture.


As Mercury and Mars have been busy in Capricorn you’ve been on full alert. However, this week Venus forms a beautiful alliance with generous Jupiter and the cosmic dynamics settle into the kind of flow and rhythm which offers pleasure and delight. A big plus for you.


Post the Leo Full Moon you’re already getting to grips with everything that needs to be done. What’s more, you’re getting a thrill out of up-cycling many elements of your life, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter. Early February provides the creative edge you love.


Getting the job done provides you with more satisfaction than any other sign. So this week’s sense of accomplishment releases you to re-structure other areas of your life, add in new ingredients and also have time to simply enjoy yourself rather than attend to your to-do list.  


If things have felt rather out-of-balance, put it down to a demanding cosmos so far this year which now gives way to an easier time. Your own self confidence is getting a boost which spills into your perception of what’s possible. Viewing upcoming changes as exciting rather than daunting is helpful.  


Whilst you enjoy having a sense of purpose the level of daily demands in recent weeks has been off the scale.  So you’ll welcome a change in the frequency this week which enables you to get back in touch with your creative spark and appeals to your appreciation of all things magical and uplifting.


It used to be that you were either galloping along or feeling tethered to obligations. However, you’re experiencing a very different vibrational energy these days.  Allowing yourself to feel positive whilst  keeping track of practicalities is becoming your new normal.


Whilst Mercury, Venus and Mars pulse through Capricorn it’s a full-on time, even if you’re experiencing an internal awakening rather than a tight schedule.  Late January and early February set the tone for the rest of 2024, enabling you to make decisions that turn out to be life enhancing.


Since Pluto entered Aquarius on January 21st you’re aware that anything which lacks meaning and purpose in your life needs to be re-examined. Far from being an onerous task, you’ll romp through this review and feel thrilled to direct your passion towards something that counts.


Having always done your best to work within a team or circle adding value where you can, you’re feeling that you need to do what’s right for you now.   This involves setting clearer boundaries which gives you an unexpected sense of delight and more time to explore.    

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