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Weekly horoscope: 22nd to 28th January 2024

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
January 22, 2024
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Astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals what's in store for you this week. Read your horoscope below...


It can take a wake-up call to move you up to the next level so the recent arrival of intense Pluto into the people angle of your chart is alerting you to the places where others play power games. Taking it back requires you to stand in your truth and believe in your own creative spirit. Be the star of your show.


Thursday's Full Moon highlights a change of emphasis in your work/life balance which enables you to clear some space for the new to come in. As radical Uranus is turning direct in your sign next Saturday you're not resisting, but implementing changes which offer excitement and a chance to feel and act differently.  


You're not interested in repeating the past as Pluto's new position opens up a sense of adventure. Pursuing those things which really add value to your life, even if they're positioned on a far horizon lifts you beyond what has defined you before. Get ready to make decisions which alter your trajectory.  


A Full Moon in the monetary sector of your skies suggests a completion is imminent.  Perhaps also a recognition of what is most valuable to you in financial or personal terms at this point. You're absolutely ready to make a fresh start which involves having a totally upfront discussion with someone who needs to understand where you're coming from.   


Thursday delivers the one and only Full Moon in your sign, bringing your inner feelings up to the surface and leaving others in no doubt that you're a force of nature. However much you want to let it all hang out, don't burn a bridge you may wish to cross later. Situations are moving rapidly and so will your perspective.


Perhaps the best way to tackle this week's twists and turns is to get stuck into those things which are reliably standard procedure. What you'll find is that you can't control whatever lies outside of that remit. Therefore, remain unruffled and adopt an open mind.   As more is revealed you'll be glad you did.


Nothing is set in stone whilst the celestial picture is being re-arranged. You're looking at other people's input and seeing how it lands. Besides, a Full Moon on Thursday reveals who is willing to come through for you and whether you enjoy being part of that setting or feel it's time to move on.  


Remaining strong on the inside is the one thing that has stood you in good stead over the years. Scorpios do not flinch from seeing both the darker and lighter shades of life. However, you're no longer prepared to linger in those areas which do not feed your soul. Watch your star rise with Thursday's Full Moon in Leo - it will feel astonishing.


Whilst you're always prepared to discuss absolutely anything, perhaps the time has come to focus on finances. Having a long-term plan is becoming increasingly important and you're seeing the difference between fantasies and viable outcomes. Show others that you can be grounded and practical without compromising your enthusiasm.


The charms of Venus in your own sign will not be lost upon you once she arrives into Capricorn on Tuesday taking you through to mid-February. Full Moon fever is heating up certain situations but you're the one with all the answers. Don't hold back as others need you to be a guiding force.  


The current celestial climate is plunging you in deep rather than allowing you to stay detached in the shallows. The Leo Full Moon aspecting the newly arrived Sun and Pluto into Aquarius creates a powerful pulse point which activates heat rather than a cool response. Allow yourself to let off that steam, at least let someone know how you feel.


Saturn has been keeping you on your toes for so long, you're in much need of a rest.  So let yourself float through the upcoming Full Moon and take some time out. Strangely it's when you're doing 'nothing' that your best ideas arrive. Clear the space so that you can tap into some incredible inspiration.

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