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What 2021 has in store for you according to your star sign

Princess Diana's astrologer reveals all

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Debbie Frank
January 1, 2021
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It's a new year which means it's time to find out what 2021 has in store for your star sign. Princess Diana's astrologer and celebrity astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, reveals all...

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What will 2021 have in store for you?


One of your major themes for the coming year is to move beyond yourself to the places where you truly connect, collaborate and feel part of the group, team and scene. There is a destined feeling about the people who are coming into your life, for a reason that moves you all forward. Connection is the new independence.


The world is waiting for what you have to offer and it's going to be different from what you brought before. You've been working on becoming the 'new you' and now it's time to manifest you life-path straight into a tangible version of what you're all about. There are still many choices to be made in 2021. If it keeps you in an old loop it's not for you.


2021 is all about the bigger picture for you? What you want to learn, explore and download into your life that you don't already know about. Fate will play an intervention policy if you're off track and steer you towards the new rather than the old. You're also in a karmic break clause with significant others meaning you can renew or complete.


The last couple of years have wrought changes in relationships, refining you for the next steps in 2021 where you get down to the real business of what's what in relating! Emotionally and financially you're looking for a rewarding exchange between equals – not givers and takers. 2021 gives you opportunities to both ring-fence and reach out.


Being unprepared to go through the motions requires you to step up to the plate in 2021. Particularly in terms of relationships – who is in your life and why. Whoever doesn't cut it is due to be cut out as you need room for those who feed the joy and growth in your life. How you achieve that may surprise everyone.


Every little piece in your jigsaw has a vital role to play in your overall picture. Mind-body-spirit translate as cerebral, earthed and emotionally centred creating a fusion that flows into your functionality in all areas of your life. This is why 2021 is about the choices you make. From what to have for breakfast to what you think about taking perfectionism to a new level.


There is a real desire now to create happiness no matter what is going on in the outside world. You see it's an inside job and this means you can create it in your mind and energy field any time you want. Moving your attention to what feels light, playful and creative makes love more available to you. You free your heart from heaviness.


2021 beckons you to become a master of your inner feng shui. Making a stronger connection with what holds you emotionally, what anchors you, taps into the real person inside has extra value and meaning. Many Scorpios will up-level their physical abode which mirrors what lies within and special access passes will be given to your chosen ones.


You need a new platform to position your message out into the world and 2021 hooks you up to a bigger audience. Do not sabotage this with scattered arrows – aim straight and true. Everything you say, write and even think must be a clear channel for your vision of what you're intending. The universe is receiving and delivering.


You have learned such a lot in the past couple of years, but you're poised to put it all into practice now. Considerably stronger and wiser translates as better building skills so this is a new era of establishing the power base that will sustain you and reward you. Getting stuck in is your way of showing that you mean business. This is manifestation magic.


Since the two Kings (Jupiter and Saturn) arrived into your sign late 2020, you're on the red carpet for lead billing in biggest show on earth. No pressure! But you've been waiting your whole life for this year to come and every decision you make, every piece you put in place will count. Be the innovator, mind-bender and thought leader you were born to be.


Healing is not necessarily a hands-on process but an emotional and psychological one. As you enter 2021 you're receiving invisible protection which separates you from old issues and creates a new vision of all the possibilities that are waiting for you. Be gentle with yourself, but go all-out when abundant Jupiter bigs you up mid May to late July.

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