Girl's hilarious (and dramatic) diary from childhood goes viral

When one teenage girl stumbled upon her old diary from childhood, she couldn't resist sharing its hilarious contents on the Internet. The problems that plagued Madie's life aged seven have become a huge hit online, with the tweet receiving over 22,000 retweets.

Madie, who is now 16, posted several entries which chronicled her first childhood crush, and how her seven-year-old self was left heartbroken. She captioned the entries: "found my diary from when I was 7 I'm dying."

The diary entries read: "Today at school my crush Riley was chasing other girls on the playground! I thought he liked me. And guess who he was chasing! Jessica! She is such a player! She hugs at least five boys every day! I am so mad at her. I think I will tell Riley her secret. She wears pull ups! After he finds out he won't like her anymore."

On Valentine's Day, Madie explained her devastation when her gift to Riley went ignored, writing: "I made Riley a valentine. Me and Katelyn stayed up all night making it. Before Riley got to school I put it in his desk. When he got to school he looked in his desk he found my box. I wrote anonymous on it so he wouldn’t know it was from me. Right when he looked at it [he threw] it away. I am still crying. I have depression."

The story gets sadder for poor Madie when she reveals that Riley definitely likes Jessica. She concluded: "Worst day ever. Riley told me he likes Jessica. I am done with boys. I want to kill all of them." The then seven-year-old accompanied her final comment with a drawing of her revenge plans.

Madie's story has sparked a hilarious response from Twitter users, with one user tweeting: "looks like you had the worst three days of your life there kid," while others wanted to know more about the story, with one replying to the tweet: "did you tell Riley she wears pull-ups?!?!!"

The teenager chatted to Buzzfeed News about the dramatic love triangle. She said: "I don't remember writing about it, but I do remember everything that happened in it. I just remember having meetings with my friends after school on how to get revenge on Jessica, and on Valentine’s Day I remember just going home and bawling." 

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