Marathon hero thanked by man's running club: 'Your kindness will always be remembered'

Emmy Griffiths

London marathon runner Matthew Rees touched the nation after he helped a runner in distress, David Wyeth, to run the final 200m of the race. David is a part of the Chorlton Runners club, who have now come forward to thank Matt for his actions, and to offer to pay for his entry into next years' marathon.

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In the touching open letter, they wrote: "As a club, we know and love David who is both a wonderful runner and a supportive member of our community, seeing him in distress at such an agonising stage of the race just made us hope another of our runners was close by and could stop and help him over the line. The reality was our next runner was a good five minutes away, but by complete chance you were a few seconds behind him and displayed the characteristics that any running club in the UK would be immensely proud of."

They continued: "We have all been impressed by your interviews, you speak candidly about the fact that these races are often filled with moments of kindness but we also understand as runners that at such a competitive section of the race these moments are perhaps less common. One thing the footage does show is for the many runners who could have stopped, it was only you who chose to."

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The group then offer to pay for his 2018 race entry, complete with weekend accommodation and a 1st class rail travel, adding: "We hope that you will accept this small gesture and as one we hope it proves to be a wonderful race for you… Congratulations on your club’s achievements and the many plaudits you have received from across the world. Your kindness will always be remembered."

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