Ginger Macaroons with Ginger Cream

Dish type: Canapes

Makes 15 sandwiched macaroons
Prep time: 55 minutes, plus 30 minutes standing time
Cook time: 10-15 minutes


• 120g/4oz icing (powdered) sugar
• 100g/3oz ground almonds
• 2 large (extra-large) egg whites
• pinch of cream of tartar
• 50g/1oz castor (superfine) sugar
• hazelnut-sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated

• 125g/4oz cream cheese
• 40g/1oz icing (powdered) sugar
• 30g/1oz glacé (crystallized) ginger, finely chopped


Preheat the oven to 160˚C/235˚F/Gas Mark 3 and line a baking sheet with baking (parchment) paper. In a food processor, pulse the icing sugar and ground almonds together. Sift the mixture twice and discard any large bits of almond.

Whisk the egg whites with electric beaters until soft peaks form and add the cream of tartar. Add the castor sugar and whisk until firm peaks form.

Sift the flour mixture over the egg whites and fold in thoroughly until the mixture is smooth. Spoon the mixture into a piping (pastry) bag with a 1cm round nozzle (tip). Pipe 30 rounds 2cm/ inch in diameter onto the lined baking sheet.

Tap the bottom of the sheet to release any trapped air in the macaroons. Allow the macaroons to stand for 30 minutes before baking them for 10 minutes, rotating them halfway through the baking time. Allow them to cool completely.

To make the glacé-ginger cream, place the cream cheese in a bowl, sift the icing sugar over it and mix together well. Add the finely chopped glacé ginger and mix well. To assemble, sandwich pairs of the macaroon rounds together using the glacé-ginger cream.

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