Quick Massaman curry

Serves: 4
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes


450g/1lb lean beef or lamb strips
15ml/1 tbsp rapeseed or olive oil
1 onion, peeled and sliced
30ml/2 tbsp Massaman curry paste
400ml/14 fl oz can coconut milk
30ml/2 tbsp crunchy peanut butter
150ml/¼pint good hot beef or lamb stock
15ml/1 tbsp fish sauce
450g/1lb small new potatoes, unpeeled and cut into quarters
Salt and freshly milled black pepper
25g/1oz roughly chopped roasted unsalted peanuts, to garnish
Large handful of freshly chopped coriander, to garnish (optional)


Heat the oil in a large non-stick pan, add the onion and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Stir in the curry paste and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add the beef or lamb strips and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Add the coconut milk, peanut butter, stock and fish sauce. Bring to the boil. Add the potatoes, reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked. Season to taste.

Garnish the curry with unsalted roasted peanuts and freshly chopped coriander (if used). Serve with boiled rice and seasonal vegetables.