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Living in a city 'makes your skin age faster'

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Bad news for city-dwellers – new reports have revealed that the skin of women living in urban areas ages faster than that of women living in rural places. The data, presented by Olay and leading dermatologists, provided sound scientific evidence that skin barrier function and hydration are among the most immediate and significant threats air pollution pose to our skin. These elements have proven to increase the rate of wrinkle formation.

Skincare brand Olay conducted the clinic study, which measured multiple aspects of skin health and appearance of over 200 women across the least and most polluted districts of Beijing. Results found that despite making better lifestyle choices, such as cleansing routines, water consumption and greater skin care product usage, subjects living in the highly polluted district had significantly worse skin hydration than subjects living in the cleaner air suburbsi. In addition, lower levels of important biomarkers indicating compromised skin barrier function were found in the urban subjects. Speaking on the study findings, Olay Senior Scientist Dr. Frauke Neuser said: “This new evidence shows that it is vital for skincare today to incorporate pollution-fighting, barrier building ingredients. One of our essential skincare ingredients, niacinamide (a form of vitamin b3), is supported by over 15 years of data and published research that proves its ability to restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, whilst improving skin hydration and promoting skin surface exfoliation.”

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