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Stacey Solomon reveals Bridgerton influenced her stunning new home accessory

The Loose Women star lives with fiancé Joe Swash and her three sons

Diane Shipley

Stacey Solomon showed off the latest addition to her kitchen drawers on Sunday, and we can't deny we're envious!

Like the rest of the world, the Loose Women panellist has been glued to Bridgerton on Netflix, and the series has inspired the mum-of-three to change her kitchen cutlery to match.

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As the star revealed in her Instagram Stories, the show's influence made Stacey decide to switch all her cutlery and other kitchen items from silver to gold – how luxe!

The Tap to Tidy author shared a video which showed her sitting in one of her home's reception rooms with a box of gorgeous gold-coloured knives, forks and spoons in front of her.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon shows off stunning home accessory inspired by Bridgerton

As she sat in front of a roaring fire, the star panned her camera to show off the cutlery in front of her.

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"Let me just set the scene so I don't look like a complete weirdo," Stacey said. "I'm changing my cutlery set from silver to gold because I've had it forever and I've been watching too much Bridgerton."

She laughed before continuing: "I saw this, it was cheap, dishwasher proof and I thought, 'Perfect, that's all I need, what more could I want?'"


Stacey showed off her stunning new cutlery drawer on Sunday

The former X-Factor contestant went on to share clips of the other kitchenware she had bought, including a pair of gold tongs and a set of matching measuring cups.

Stacey filmed the finished result – a drawer filled with gold – and there was no denying it looked stunning.

The star has always had an eye for a fabulously stylish home improvement, which is why her fans were surprised to find out there was a partially renovated part of her Essex house that she has largely kept hidden.


The star even treated her friend Mrs Hinch to some gold kitchen accessories

Last weekend, the presenter uploaded a short clip of a minimalist white room which she had tidied up after Christmas.

Soon afterwards, the star filmed another video revealing that she had received a lot of confused comments about the "secret" room.

Speaking directly to the camera, Stacey said: "It's not a secret room I promise, it's just I started decorating it, never finished so I hardly ever go in it."

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