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A week at home in lockdown with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes

The This Morning hosts have plenty of entertainment inspiration

ruth and eamonn

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have, like the rest of us, been staying at home since the coronavirus pandemic began, and they've also shared an insight into exactly what they've been doing on their Instagram accounts. Ruth has revealed how she's keeping fit, Eamonn has given a look inside his home office, and even their dog Maggie has made many an appearance. Here's what else they have been up to…

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Easter celebrations

ruth langsford inside dining room

Ruth decorated the table at Easter

On Easter Sunday, This Morning star Ruth transformed her and Eamonn's dining room into an Easter-themed heaven. She decorated the table with yellow egg placemats, mini eggs and bunnies, and cooked up a storm for the family. Sadly though, Ruth's mum Joan was unable to join them. "The Easter table is set but only for three. I miss my mum," she wrote.

Visiting Ruth's mum

While Ruth is unable to see her mum Joan properly, she has been regularly visiting her from her window when she is out on walks. She previously said on an Instagram story, "I've just walked round to see my mum, well, I say see her – wave at her through the window, which is better than nothing. She's fine, I'm just walking Maggie."


Eamonn praised Ruth for managing to maintain a routine during lockdown, and decided that it was time for him to do something productive by clearing out his bathroom. He took to Instagram to reveal the results, with a black bin bag full of "pharmaceutical rubbish", including cold sore cream from 2011, out-of-date mouthwash and products he had bought on holiday in 2007. Despite the fact he clearly hadn't done it in a while, Eamonn went on to tout the benefits of cleaning as "cleansing". We concur.

Keeping fit

Ruth's fitness journey during coronavirus is nothing if not inspirational. She has taken on the Isolation Skipping Challenge in which she aims to do more non-stop skips everyday, and has also been taking their dog Maggie on daily walks. Go Ruth.  


toad in the hole

Ruth made toad in the hole

Chances are you've spent more time in the kitchen during coronavirus than ever, and Ruth has been doing the same. She's tried her hand at many a new recipe including her mum's trademark breadcrumbs and homemade toad in the hole. And it looks like Ruth certainly has the skills.

Learning how to do TV make-up

ruth hair makeup this morning

Ruth has been doing her own hair and make-up for filming

Where Ruth and Eamonn once had a full glam team to do their hair and make-up pre This Morning hosting, the couple are now left to their own devices. Of course, Eamonn has paid a lot less attention – if any – but Ruth has taken on the task of everything from blow-drying her hair to contouring her face. She apologised to her team, writing: "My first attempt at 'studio' hair and make-up… Sorry @sandy_mac_makeup and @mauriceflynn!"

Presenting This Morning

As This Morning falls within the remit of sharing necessary information to the public during the pandemic, Eamonn and Ruth have continued to host the show on Fridays. Nonetheless, the couple came under fire from fans who questioned why the pair weren't following social-distancing rules by sitting too closely, forgetting the fact that they live together and the rules therefore don't apply.

Home pampering

exfoliating face mask

Exfoliating treatment mask, £37, Saira Skin at Amazon


Besides doing her own hair and make-up, Ruth also shared a look at the skincare she has been trying in lockdown. Her favourite product? Fellow Loose Women star Saira Khan's face mask which costs just £37 and is made of entirely organic products proven to revitalise your complexion.

Working from home

Much to the delight of Manchester United fans, Eamonn shared a look at his home office set-up complete with red colour theme in honour of the football team, signed photos and a limited edition Opus signed by Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton. Eamonn also has a handy life-sized cut out of Ruth, of which he says, "Even though she's constantly by my side and despite a shaky start there hasn't been a disagreement in days. Never a cross word #workingfromhome #workmates #workfromhome."

Clapping for our carers

Along with the rest of the nation, Ruth and Eamonn have been showing their appreciation for the NHS by clapping from their doorstep for the frontline workers fighting coronavirus. Ruth took things one step further and added a metal pan into the mix to make as much noise as she could. All in good faith.  

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