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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Monday 1st to 7th May 2023

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Re-thinking various plans is par for the course when Mercury is retrograde and Plutoaltering direction. The financials are being pondered and re-set so you need to go slowly and check over the details. Friday’s lunar eclipse suggests someone either needs to move closer or step away from your fire.


A lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Scorpio throws electricity around from Uranus in your own sign. It’s a heady mix and one that alters the status quo and power balance in a relationship which has needed to shift for a while. There’s a difference between inwardly thinking it's game over and acting as if it is. GEMINI


An unsettled cosmos is not the one where you get clear answers to all your questions. However, you are an excellent juggler, so keep all the balls in the air and see what happens. Since fate is intervening this week a development is altering your set-up to move you in a different direction.


As the eclipsed Full Moon casts a big influence over the week you’ve got the feeling that things are changing in ways that will take a while to fully comprehend. The celestial scene is cloudy so an air of smoke and mirrors air hangs over the proceedings. When it clears you’ll notice that things look very different.


Since Leo is a royal sign you’re easily available to pick up on a moment of being anointed in your own life. This is the time to claim your own majesty and emanate power from every cell of your being. This isn’t about your place or position in the worldly scheme of things but how you are sovereign in your skin.


Deep insights are emerging that will take a while to process so don’t be in a rush to tick every box. At the moment you require to look at both present and future in order to balance the here and now with where you want to go and how you want your life to be. Remain fluid and flexible as priorities are changing.


Whilst you find certain people are unerringly bold in stating their desires and perspective you’ve been hesitating to place yourself on the map. However as the lunar eclipse indicates something of a power surge this week, the time has come to make your own feelings clear. Surprise them – and even yourself.


It feels as if you’re being inexorably pulled into a landmark time of fate and destiny. Put it down to the Scorpio lunar eclipse on Friday which reveals all that has been concealed. It will take a while to get your bearings so you have to act on instinct alone at this point. Primarily focus on what needs to go and what should stay.


As you’re currently standing on shifting ground it’s hard to make final decisions as new developments and twists in the tale are altering your viewpoint. You do recognise that what’s been taking up space whilst yielding little reward can no longer be in storage in your life. Get rid of it and make room for something far more positive.


It’s disturbing for a Capricorn to feel plunged into a series of changes which alter the pattern of life without recourse. Even welcome experiences still come rubber stamped with ‘no going back’. Whilst it’s possible to maintain a calm exterior, the real grace comes from being as fluid as possible.


Powerful winds of change are blowing through your life. The status quo is being unsettled to be replaced by new directions that are still not entirely clear. Let the old go and trust that what’s coming will be right for you. In fact, you are in an extraordinary period of developments that are unprecedented and interesting.


For some time you’ve been gazing out of the window of your life in search of pastures new. As a Pisces, this habit is often an act of creative escapism. However, recently you’ve grown tired of the set-up and wish to explore new ways of working, living or even thinking. What happens this week

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