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Weekly horoscope: 22nd to 28th May 2023

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Weekly Horoscopes - Debbie Frank
Debbie Frank
May 22, 2023
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It's all systems go this week as you channel your energy into getting ahead, picking up on opportunities and spreading your net far and wide. Focus on your potential but keep a little in reserve for clearing up a matter that still lingers from the past.


Is your glass half empty or half full? As Jupiter fills you with positive optimism there's plenty of promise to ponder, yet you're still working through issues that have left their mark. This is a time to settle financial matters and reach for the stars.


Gemini season opens with a set of thrilling aspects that get your twins on the move. Playing with opportunities is always uplifting – yet Sunday's crunch meeting between the Sun and Saturn is all about getting through the qualifying stage. Better get your ducks in a row.


Whilst there's plenty to occupy you in terms of keeping your show on the road, a part of you would like to be on retreat. As the Sun is low on your celestial horizon there's a need for extra time to yourself. Friday’s breath of fresh air reminds you to stay tuned to interesting people.


Stellar opportunities are tempting you out of your comfort zone. Which is a good thing as it's time to show just how magnificent you are. Even if someone is being rather small-minded you can counteract it with a more positivemindset that matches your growing aspirations.


You can certainly see some bright lights ahead yet for many Virgos there's effort involved in getting there. Of course, as a worker bee you're no shirker and you gain an enormous satisfaction from a job well done. So don’t think others have it easy. They don’t possess your standards.


If it weren't for an exciting set of developments in the air you'd feel a bit short-changed. However, it will all be worth it as what’s constellating in your future will allow you to step forward into a brighter environment. Keep an open mind whilst doing your due diligence at the same time.


During this extremely active period you're likely to encounter ways to upgrade your prospects and move things to a new level. It's all about talking to the right people and even calling on some good karma banked with yourconnections. Plenty of plus points out there.


As the Sun sparkles in the relationship angle of your chart you're finding a certain someone holds the key to your prospects right now. It would be easy to talk things up, move forward in blind faith – but haven’t you done that once too often? Keep feet on the ground, eyes on the stars!


Paying attention to order and arrangements is part of your management style when it comes to all areas of your life. Therefore, you’ll delight in perusing an array of options that come your way and exercising your power of choice. You are poised like a cat when one arrives unexpectedly late in the week.


Whatever your commitments there's room for joy and entertainment in this week's celestial set-up. Pluto’s added intensity is making you more inclined to live life to the full and explore your heart-felt passions. Besides, isn't it wonderful to share them with others?


Ever since Saturn entered your sign in March you've needed to consider the structure of your life and pay more attention to the long term. Being tantalised by tempting offers is one thing – and you can see what fun theywould be. However, for once you're carving things out on your terms.

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