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Little Shannon Piggott chats happily with the Prince of Wales at St James's Palace

Cherie Blair with seven-year-old Christopher Cheetham at the awards ceremony. "This is a very special event and the courage of the children is just amazing," she says


The Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister’s wife Cherie Blair were delighted to meet some of Britain’s bravest children last week on the occasion of the annual Woman’s Own Children of Courage Awards.

Two days of celebrations started at St James’s Palace, where the 11 youngsters – all of whom have shown outstanding courage in the face of adversity – chatted happily to the Prince while they tucked into bowls of sweets and sausages beside a Christmas tree surrounded by presents and crackers.

One of the children was six-year-old Shannon Piggott who suffers from Vater Syndrome, a rare condition which has affected all her vital organs and left her with a curved spine. The others included 13-year-old Danny Woodhouse, who has not grown since he was 3 years old, and seven-year-old Christopher Cheetham, who has shown amazing resilience in recovering from a road accident in which he suffered massive head injuries.

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