'I feel amazing!' Melanie C tries Victoria Beckham's alkaline diet

Melanie C has taken a leaf from fellow former Spice Girl and friend Victoria Beckham by following the diet that she 'swears by'.

"Victoria is on the alkaline diet and she swears by it for healthy eating and weight loss," Mel, who has been training for triathlons and competed in one last Saturday, told Closer magazine.

"It's loads of fruit vegetables and grains. I need to eat lots at the moment because of my training regime."


Fashion designer Victoria is a self-professed fan of the Honestly Healthy Alkaline Programme, tweeting earlier this year, "Love this healthy eating cookbook! X".

With variations on treats such as cakes, pancakes, breads and ice-creams, the alkaline diet aims to keep the body's pH between 7.35 and 7.45 to create harmony and reduce the strain on the body's digestive system.

Avoiding acid-forming processed foods – such as starchy grains and vegetables such as pasta, wheat and beans, all dairy products, meat, fish and shellfish – not only aids weight loss but is said to boost the immune system, increasing energy and maintaining blood sugar levels.

Melanie is a new fan of the diet, which features ingredients like brown rice, quinoa, spelt, beetroot, spinach and lemon – which is actually alkaline once digested.

Speaking about the revolutionary alkaline lifestyle – whose advocators include Kelly Brook, Millie Mackintosh and Robbie Williams – she said: "I feel amazing! 8th training day in a row and I just had a great swim. Thank you!

"I thought I knew what I was doing nutritionwise but I'm amazed what a difference alkalising makes."

Mel C will run in the Virgin Triathlon on Saturday 27 July. She tweeted on Tuesday: "11 days people!!! 11 days! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! I can't wait! x".