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Kim Kardashian's latest fragrance reflects evolution as a woman

01 JUNE 2012

Kim Kardashian's latest fragrance, True Reflection, hits the shelves this month.

The new scent was created to reflect Kim Kardashian’s evolution as a woman.

It is meant to inspire confidence, evoking the wisdom and glamour that can only be attained by experiencing life to the fullest.



"I wanted True Reflection to have a bit of a twist compared to my previous scents," says Kim.

"Gardenia is a constant in all my fragrances, but I wanted this one to be a little more rich and layered, to reflect the experiences I’ve been through and all the different dimensions of my personality."

The perfume features notes of plum, peach, lotus flower, patchouli and musk, packaged in an art deco bottle reminiscent of a diamond.

True Reflection is the reality star’s fourth fragrance, joining Kim Kardashian, Gold and Love.


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