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    Pistachio and blueberry dessert cake
    A beautifully moist cake, tinged green from the pistachios and dotted deep, dark and purple with blueberries

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    Caramel pecan pancakes
    Ready-made pancakes are a great standby if you need to throw together a quick dessert when unexpected guests drop by for dinner

  • 3

    Frozen berries with white chocolate sauce
    The hot chocolate thaws the berries – giving this dessert an exquisite contrast of hot and cold

  • 4

    Pear and cranberry crumble
    The tangy dried cranberries soak up the juices from the pears to create a truly divine dessert

  • 5

    Rhubarb mess
    For a Valentine's Day dessert you need a bit of a treat - something sweet, delicious, and perfect for sharing. A little wicked indulgence

  • 6

    Liqueur winter fruits
    With 172 calories, this is a dreamy dessert

  • 7

    No-bake Anzac slice
    Choc full of indulgence, this dessert could not be simpler to prepare

  • 8

    Jaffa citrus
    Grated carrot adds extra flavour to this zingy orange-grapefruit dessert

  • 9

    Plums on toast with nuts
    Speedy and oh-so-simple, serve this up for a teatime treat or midweek dessert

  • 10

    Chocolate roulade
    Made without flour, this cream and chocolate-filled dessert is deliciously light and moist

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