Prince Harry saves a woman's hat from the gusty wind

Prince Harry is more accustomed to rescuing people in serious trouble, but the beloved royal used his quick reaction skills to save a woman’s hat from blowing away while visiting RAF Honington in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Harry, who has a job as a helicopter pilot responding to the critically injured, reacted quickly by retrieving the woman’s hat which had been lifted from her head by a gust of wind.

The prince's moment of chivalry came while he was carrying out an engagement in his role as Honorary Air Commandant, visiting the Royal Air Force station on Thursday.

The gentlemanly prince made a speech in which he praised the “professionalism and determination” of the RAF's 26 Squadron. He added: “It is clear that every member of the squadron possesses the determination and professionalism to succeed, even in the most arduous of circumstances.”

Harry, 30, presented the squadron with a new standard — a historic and ceremonial flag — in an act that happens once every 25 years, and watched a parade.

Harry's Air Force base visit came just days after he made a trip to Afghanistan for Remembrance Day to support the remaining British soldiers who are serving there.