If you love a beautiful manicure as much as we do, this is the section for you. It's jam packed full of features on the latest nail trends, gorgeous nail styles and sassy nail colour ideas. From the ultimate spring nail styles to how to get a royal manicure, we've got it covered when it comes to elegant hands and feet.

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  • Let your nails shine

    Let your nails shine

    It's really important to care for our hands and make the most of them - they are key elements in how we communicate and the impression we create, and…

  • Awesome autumn manicures

    Awesome autumn manicures

    The calendar may say it's still summer, but September has already pitched us headlong into next season's fashion and make-up trends. So, let's put…

  • Nailed it!

    Nailed it!

    With new polish and varnish ranges designed for each season, nails play an important fashion role all year round, but many of us feel that in summer…

  • Tread softly

    Tread softly

    Not only are calluses and patches of hard skin on the feet unsightly, they can also be incredibly painful. What makes this worse for sufferers is the…

  • Your nails' worst enemies

    Your nails' worst enemies

    If you want beautiful hands, you need to take care of your nails. And that means being aware of factors and habits that can be damaging to them. A…

  • Hand and finger tips and tricks

    Hand and finger tips and tricks

    Whether it's because of the wide range of attractive colours available, or simply that we want to look our best in the longer evenings, there are…

  • Put a natural shine on your nails

    Put a natural shine on your nails

    We've all heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but did you know that two of the basic ingredients can be good for your nails if…

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