What Team HELLO! are watching this week - see our top picks

From Emma to Virgin River, here are our top picks for the week

Emmy Griffiths

Team HELLO! have been spending the week watching films and television shows, and now they need to spread the word on their latest obsession. Check out the office's top picks for this week and let us know what you're watching on Twitter - we want to hear! 

Emma – in cinemas 14 February

Recommended by: Sharnaz Shahid, News Editor, @SharnazShahid

I'm a sucker for period drama, especially if Jane Austen is involved! This new big-screen version of Emma certainly did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Anya Taylor-Joy take on the highly smug self-confident role, which has previously been taken on by Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, Romola Garai - and Alicia Silverstone if you include Clueless! The up-and-coming actress portrayed Emma Woodhouse as the perfect restless queen bee who goes about everyone's business in her little town and fiddles with people's love lives. The film also boasts an incredible cast, starring Johnny Flynn, Mia Goth, Bill Nighy, Josh O'Connor. Definitely worth the watch for some light-hearted escapism. Out in cinemas on 14 February.


Virgin River – Available on Netflix

Recommended by: Leanne Bayley, Head of Lifestyle

The last time I binge watched a series was Making A Murderer in 2015, but it turns out Netflix's cheesy new show, Virgin River, had me so gripped I watched ten hours straight. Is it cheesy? God, yes. It's basically the Mac 'n' Cheese of Netflix, with an extra helping of Parmesan. But y'know, sometimes that's just what you need on a cold winter's day. Based on the bestselling Harlequin book series by Robyn Carr, the story is centred around nurse practitioner Melinda Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) who moves to the remote California town of Virgin River.


She's looking for a fresh start, but can she really escape her past? Spoiler alert: Nope. Martin Henderson plays Jack, the town's eye candy (be warned: you'll get lost in his baby blues), and Annette O’Toole plays Hope, the town's busy-body - she provides the LOLS, and to be quite honest, she makes this show! If you agree with me and you love it, you'll be pleased to know that series two is coming. Hurrah! Here's to a second helping of Mac 'n' Cheese…


Hamilton – Victoria Palace Theatre

Recommended by: Francesca Shilcock, TV and Film Writer, @FAShillcock

After wanting to see this musical for what felt like forever, I finally went to watch Hamilton and it did not disappoint. I had heard good things, read five-star reviews, and even listened to a bit of the original Broadway soundtrack beforehand, so safe to say my expectations were high, but they were more than met. For those unaware, the musical is based on the biography of Alexander Hamilton, and tells the story of the American Founding Father's life through music; specifically rap and hip and hop. The cast, who sing and rap throughout the whole thing with almost no dialogue, really are the best in the business and the talent completely blew me away. If you love musicals, or even just love music, you will love this show.


The Stranger – Available on Netflix

Recommended by: Emmy Griffiths, TV and Film Editor, @emmyfg

The concept: a woman you have never met before shows up at your son's football practice and tells you a heartbreaking secret about your wife that shakes you to the core – then your wife goes missing. Compelling, right? I have been racing through episodes of this Netflix drama to try to get much needed answers – but so far it's been nothing but more questions! I love a crime drama where you can't quite piece it all together straight away – and this one definitely left me guessing! Also, Richard Armitage stars. Enough said.