hellomagazine.com Everyone loves a bit of pumpkin carving at Hallowe’en. It’s so evocative and fun. And not just for the children - it brings out the kid in all of us.

It’s always a little heart-breaking though to see all the wasted flesh that comes out of these beauties. They’re so versatile not to mention delicious – even the seeds once scraped and toasted make a yummy snack, particularly toasted with spices, sea salt and olive oil.

Anyway – if you are looking for some pumpkin-esque inspiration this year, check out these fantastic recipes from our archive, all of which use the round orange favourite. Don’t forget that you can easily use butternut squash instead if you aren’t doing any carving and if you have a favourite recipe that uses squash, pumpkin will easily replace it.

One of our fave – and dead easy ways – with pumpkin is just to steam chunks of it before mashing with a little cinnamon and nutmeg and lots of butter. Then just fold in some caramelised onion and bacon lardons – perfect with a stew, with sausages or even just a fried egg.

Click here to check out the pumpkin recipes in the Hello archive

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