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Emmy Griffiths

Team HELLO! have been watching films and television shows, and now they need to spread the word on their latest obsession. Check out the office's top picks for this week, from Netflix reality shows to Oscar-nominated films…

The Windermere Children - BBC

Recommended by: Sharnaz Shahid - News Editor, @SharnazShahid

In honour of Holocaust Memorial Day, the BBC aired this harrowing drama produced by BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Simon Block and BAFTA-winning director Michael Samuels. Honestly, I was moved to tears watching this harrowing true story come to life. This is the first dramatisation I have ever seen which focuses on the aftermath of the Holocaust. It was filmed with powerful first-person testimonies of some of the survivors who began their new lives in the UK. This is not one for the weak-hearted, but certainly one to watch this week whilst it's still on the BBC iPlayer. Starring Thomas Kretschmann, Romola Garai and Iain Glen.


The Sinner season two - Netflix

Recommended by: Ainhoa Barcelona – Acting Website Editor

I wish I could tell you what season one was about but I accidentally started on season two on Netflix. I don't really know how that happened and spent the first three episodes thinking, "When's Jessica Biel going to show up?!" when I finally realised I was on a completely different season. Regardless, you don't need to watch the first series to understand the second. In a nutshell, it's gripping. The story opens with the slightly creepy young boy Julian killing his parents while the family are on a road trip to Niagara Falls. (This does not give anything away, by the way – it's literally the episode description on Netflix).

Harry Ambrose is called back to his hometown to investigate the double murder and is soon drawn to the cult-like community that lives on the outskirts of town. As he tries to understand why a child would kill his own parents, Ambrose unravels the small town's darkest secrets they've spent decades trying to bury. Each episode will haunt and stay with you – it's not one to watch when you're about to go to bed, but is completely riveting and full of unbelievable twists.


1917 - In cinemas now

Recommended by: Francesca Shillcock – TV and Film Writer, @FAShillcock 

Watching 1917 in the cinema was quite a stressful experience – and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Director Sam Mendes' incredible technique of filming the picture in one take (with the exception of one or two breaks), takes you on a journey throughout, creating a hugely immersive and gripping watching experience.


It follows two Lance Corporals Will Schofield and Tom Blake (played by the brilliant George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman respectively) as they carry an important message to try and call off a scheduled attack that would take the lives of 1,600 men. With the storyline based on the tales Mendes' grandfather Albert Mendes, who was a messenger for the British army, it hits home and the film is all the more poignant and moving for it. With 10 Academy Award nominations alone, this is not to be missed.

Next in Fashion - Netflix

Recommended by: Emmy Griffiths – TV and Film Editor, @emmyfg

I don't usually go for fashion TV shows – and so iconic series like America's Next Top Model and Project Runway totally passed me by. But since Netflix's newest show had the one and only Tan France (from Queer Eye fame) presenting along with Alexa Chung, I couldn't resist checking it out. The show sees a group of incredibly talented designers making amazing outfits in just two days in order to win a huge cash prize, and the genius of their ideas and the incredible outfits they come up with in such a short space of time left me slightly obsessed. Now I just need to recreate each and every look that gets served…


The Mandalorian - Available soon on Disney+

Recommended by: Luke Hall, SEO executive

If you've been sticking with Star Wars the last few years, you'll know there's been seemingly innumerable divides among the fans. The one thing that everyone has come to agree on, however, is The Mandalorian - Disney's first premium TV take on the Star Wars universe. Launching in the UK on Disney+ on 24th March, follow the mysterious Mandalorian - an honourable warrior turned no-nonsense bounty hunter - as he takes on a contract that will turn his whole world (or should we say galaxy?) upside down. The show is a darker, grittier take on Star Wars, tapping into classic Western and gunslinger tropes that translate fantastically. Light spoiler warning, you'll also meet the internet's new favourite mascot...


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