A taste of Aboriginal culture on the menu for the Queen


There was some fascinating stuff on the menu for the Queen as she visited an Aboriginal college.

On the ninth day of her Australian tour, the monarch watched a student at Clontarf College preparing a special dish of kangaroo stew during a cookery class.


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He then presented the VIP visitor with a small container of "roo stew" to take away.

The unusual cooking exhibition came after the Wadumbah troupe performed an energetic traditional dance.

Accompanied by the premier of the State of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, the Queen looked on with intense interest as the didgeridoo music sounded.


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Her tour has been a triumph, with observers commenting on how the indefatigable royal has relished long days, criss-crossing the vast realm to meet her subjects.

In Brisbane, alone 45,000 well-wishers waited on the banks of the city's river to watch their 85-year-old sovereign take a boat tour.

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