Relaxed and very much together, the couple took a stroll arm-in-arm down Portabello Road before dropping into a local cafe
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There was no doubt about the couple's affection for each other as they cuddled in a park on Primrose Hill
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28 MAY 2004

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A casually dressed Jude Law and his girlfriend Sienna Miller have been enjoying the spring sunshine together in London, taking time out in a park and strolling arm-in-arm along Portabello Road.

The recent upheavals over the British actor's divorce from wife of six years Sadie Frost – his former spouse is demanding a £10-million settlement – didn’t seem to have dented the pleasure the pair obviously took in each other’s company. Seated on the grass on Primrose Hill, the Talented Mr Ripley star shared a tender moment with the 22-year-old actress as his children played nearby.

He and Sienna met on the set of the remake of Alfie and shared the actor’s Primrose Hill flat once filming on the Michael Caine hit was over. But then in February Sienna moved into a place of her own, sparking rumours that the relationship had cooled. That looked very far from the case, however, as the pair cuddled happily together in London this week.


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