"Here she is," announced proud dad Willem-Alexander as he gave the world a first glimpse at the newest member of the Dutch royal family
Photo: AFP
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The baby girl, born on Sunday afternoon, was named Alexia Juliana Marcella Laurentien on Tuesday
Photo: AFP

27 JUNE 2005

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Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife, Crown Princess Maxima, welcomed a daughter to their family over the weekend. And proud dad Willem-Alexander couldn't wait to share his joy with the world, introducing the newborn to press and well-wishers outside the hospital.

"Here she is," announced the crown prince as he showed off his beautiful girl, born one week early on Sunday at Bronovo Hospital in The Hague. The newest member of the family was bundled in the same dress that both he and Amalia donned when they were born.

"I'm proud of my wife, who again did an excellent job," said the grinning father-of-two.

As for a name for the 7lb 7oz little princess, Willem-Alexander said he and his spouse "had not quite decided yet". However, the new arrival was named Alexia Juliana Marcella Laurentien shortly afterwards, on Tuesday.

Alexia is third in line to the throne. Willem-Alexander and Maxima already have a daughter, Princess Amalia, who is 18 months old.



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