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The little beagle seemed quite seduced by the pretty Zimbabwean's attentions
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While Harry focused on the sporting action, Leeds student Chelsy was wooing her new pal with a chuck under the chin
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Chelsy Davy gets affectionate with new pal at polo match

9 JUNE 2008
Chelsy Davy found her attention divided as she supported her royal beau at a charity polo match in Gloucestershire on Sunday. While Prince Harry concentrated on the sporting action, his Zimbabwean love was busy making a new pal.

The pretty 22-year-old, who was accompanied by a group of friends to the annual Dorchester Cup event, seemed to have taken a shine to the friendly beagle puppy, crouching down to shake a doggy paw and before rewarding it with an affectionate chuck under the chin.

Chelsy - who, along with Harry, had joined Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton at a fundraising boxing match the previous day was supporting her soldier love as he helped raise money for Sentabele, the charity he set up to help Lesotho orphans. The Prince's organisation was one of the three to benefit from the polo action.