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The pretty 18-year-old is no doubt celebrating after achieving two As and a B grade in her chosen A-Level subjects
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Exam result triumph for high-acheiving Princess Eugenie

15 AUGUST 2008
Princess Eugenie is no doubt celebrating after finding out she achieved two As and a B grade in her A-Level exams on Thursday. The Marlborough-educated 18-year-old scored the top grade in both art and English literature, and gained a B in history of art.

"We are delighted by Eugenie's achievements," reveal parents Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York in a joint statement. "She has worked extremely hard towards these justifiably fantastic results."

It's now thought the Queen's high-achieving granddaughter will follow in big sister Beatrice's footsteps by taking a gap year before heading to university in 2009.

And the pretty royal isn't the only high-profile youngster to have picked up notable exam results this week. Harry Potter star Emma Watson scored straight As in English literature, geography and art.

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