Tender moments for affectionate royal newlyweds on historic anniversary


Anyone who watched Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden's wedding will be in no doubt of the couple's feelings for each other.

Arriving at the nuptial banquet, she thanked the Swedish people for giving her her prince.

He, meanwhile, gave a heart-warming speech, in which he told his bride: "I love you Victoria and I am proud of what we have together and so happy to be your husband.

"I will do all I can for you to be as happy as you are today."

And what satisfaction the country's citizens must have in seeing the positive effect marriage has had on the princess, who does indeed radiate happiness at all times.

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At a recent historic event the newlyweds appeared as if they were wrapped up in a world of their own. All the while honouring their commitments at an important engagement as they welcomed Denmark's Queen Margrethe to Sweden.

Sharing tender glances and the occasional giggle, hands clasped in each other's, the couple couldn't have looked more in love.

At one point Victoria appeared to straighten her husband's tie, getting a thumbs-up in return.

The occasion was the 200th anniversary of the House of Bernadotte – the dynasty that has reigned in Sweden since 1810.

The bicentenary commemorates a curious but crucial episode in the two Scandinavian countries' histories, when Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a lieutenant of Napoleon, was elected crown prince of Sweden.

He was adopted by the former king, who had no heir, later ruling as Carl XIV Johan and annexing neighbouring Norway as well.

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