And the bride wore... white chocolate

Eternally versatile, chocolate can be melted, draped and even sculpted into wedding wear it seems

Chocolate is incredible. No news there, I know – but it's versatility is quite amazing. Enjoy it on its own in its pure form, enjoy it with nuts, fruit or liqueurs buried within, melt it, shape it, marble it. It suits savoury dishes, too. And we've got some incredible recipes this week to help you test it out yourself.

Taking things one step further chocolatier Rococco has teamed up with award-winning designer Ian Stuart to create an incredible wedding dress made out of white chocolate. This mouth-watering, curl-decorated confection is just one of many alternative approaches to the sweet treat being explored during chocolate week.

Its even making inroads into the realm of wedding cakes. These tend to work a bit like Marmite – you either love them or hate them. But more and more couples are breaking with tradition and eschewing the traditional heavy, marzipan-covered fruit affair in favour of one including something they love – chocolate.

So with a melt-in-the-mouth frock and an alternative reception centrepiece romantic chocoholics are guaranteed wedded bliss!

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