CLON --- Mary Berry accidentally lets slip who is leaving Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry has accidentally revealed which contestant will be leaving the Great British Bake Off on Wednesday night's episode. The judge was speaking live on air when she let slip the name of the third hopeful who has been dropped from the competition.

"You've already lost two. You don't hang around, do you, Mary?" said host Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 show.

"Wait a minute, we've lost three," said Mary, before Chris could stop her reeling off the names. "We lost Marie last week, [the third baker], and on the first week, it was the lovely chap with his little hat on."

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Mary Berry reeled off the names of three contestants, when only two have been revealed so far

Chris interjected, saying: "You lose one tonight – you know that but we don't!"

The radio favourite, who earlier this year was confirmed as a new Top Gear presenter, moved the conversation swiftly on to talk about this week's episode, Bread Week.

"The showstopper is absolutely amazing," said Mary, 80. "It is one of the best results we have ever had. It had to be 3D and it is extraordinary. I think it's the best team we have ever had."

Mary's unintentional slip led to a mixed bag of responses on Twitter. One radio listener wrote: "I'm pretty sure #MaryBerry just let slip who leaves on tonight's #GBBO well done to @achrisevans for brushing over it! #oooops."

Another user tweeted, "Oooops heard Mary Berry on Chris Evans this morning, did she really just give away who is leaving tonight!!! #MaryBerry," while one particularly agitated listener posted, "Can't believe Mary Berry let slip on the radio who goes on #GBBO tonight! YOU HAD ONE JOB MARY!!!!"

Great British Bake Off, which features Paul Hollywood as a fellow judge, returned to TV screens in early August.

Mary has starred in the popularly culinary show since it started in 2010 and has no intention of slowing down despite celebrating her 80th birthday in March.

"The Bake Off for me is an absolute doddle – I know my subject, I know about cakes," she told The Telegraph after reaching the milestone birthday. "My aim is to get everyone in Britain enjoying baking as much as I do."