5 reasons we’re loving personalised jewellery

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Wearing something with meaning is all the more sweet when it’s truly personal to you – and jewellery is no exception. Personalised jewellery has filtered its way into our everyday wear, and become something we seek out rather than happen upon with charms, initials and birthstones. We’ve become obsessed with finding pieces that are bespoke to us, wearing our heart on our sleeves (or more precisely, our bracelets) or gifting a piece of jewellery that has thought behind it –something that alludes to a hilarious in-joke between you and your BFF or shows that you really know that person, through and through. And let’s face it, there’s nothing better than when someone asks for the meaning behind a charm or is desperate to know where a piece is from because it’s so unusual and unique. So why do we love personalised jewellery? Let us count the ways…

It’s playful

You might not want to wear clothing emblazoned with your thoughts, feelings and emotions but on your jewellery? You bet! It’s a gorgeously subtle way to let your personality peek through – and fun too. Show your fun side by piling on the charms onto the Swarovski Wish bracelet.


It makes the ultimate gift

We’ve all struggled from time-to-time to gift a friend or loved one a present that truly has meaning, and giving a piece of personalised jewellery will score you major brownie points. You can add charms or, if the recipient is a new mum, add their birthstone plus the stone of their child - when they wear it, they’ll always think of you.

It feels luxurious

A little bit of luxury does you good, and a piece of personalised jewellery is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to inject a little luxury into your 9-5. A personalised initial bracelet is a classic, easy-to-wear way, and you’re bound to be the only one rocking it. You’ll feel like it was made especially for you.

swarovski initial charm

It has meaning

It’s widely believed that wearing your birthstone brings you good fortune, wellness and good luck. Plus, each birthstone has a meaning, and is meant to represent character traits of the person born that month. If that wasn’t enough reason to wear yours, it’s a cute way of choosing a stone that you have some connection with.

swarovski birthstone

Maybe you’re a July baby, represented by a delicious dark red stone, or November born, represented by a beautiful yellow stone – check out Swarovski Remix’s birthstone charm collection to find yours.

It’s bespoke

It’s not just charms that help make a piece of jewellery bespoke to you, but the item of jewellery itself too. After all, who wants what everyone else has got? When you want to make your piece truly unique, switch it up. The Swarovski Remix collection allows you to combine different chains using the handy magnetic closure – so you can add a few extra strands to the bracelet to make a choker, 4 or 5 for a longer necklace or even worn as a multi-stranded bracelet, wrapped around your wrist. Genius.

Discover the full Swarovski Remix collection here

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