Ingredient of the week: Cranberries

Ingredient of the week: Cranberries In the past the cranberry has often been overlooked in favour of British berries. The belle of the ball at American Thanksgiving, it usually only appears on our tables at Christmas. It's a wonderful accompaniment to roast fowl, though, whether it be goose, pheasant, turkey or duck. Homemade versions with their slightly sharp bite beat the shop-bought stuff hands down. Try replacing your usual out-of-a-jar sauce with a compote this Christmas – some cranberries, the juice and zest of an orange, a little sugar and you're there. Or you could go super-seasonal and make it with clementines instead. Easy to prepare in advance, too, to save faffing on the big day itself. You could also translate it into a punchy sorbet to refresh the palate between courses, or use it as a base for a festive cocktail.

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