Le Creuset launches 'White' version of kitchen classic

hellomagazine.com No kitchen is complete without a Le Creuset pan. They're perfect for casseroling, making pasta sauces and for slow-braising stew. But some of the original colours – among them orange and blue – weren't to everyone's taste. Now, however, the company has added a new minimalist alternative to the palette.

Le Creuset pans are perfect for oven-to-table cooking because they offer great heat retention. And the new monochrome line is every bit as functional as its predecessors. Sleek, clean and luxuriously simple, the new colour is perfect for modern kitchens.

If white works for you, you'll need to move fast as the new version is only available for a limited period.

Le Creuset 'White' range, starts at £90. For stockist info call 0800 373 792 or e-mail helpline@lecreuset.co.uk

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