Return of the retro pie dish It’s been a while since enamel was gracing our kitchens and dining tables, with the exception of the standard grill pans that ship with ovens. A resurgence in shabby chic and mismatched tableware has led to the re-issue of these classic pieces of kitchenware. The new range from Lakeland incorporates plates, lidded roasters, different sized oblong pie dishes and a funky milk pan.

The colour scheme is the same as it ever was (these echo the colours of the old French style tableware), the blue and white looking perfect in most kitchens and great against a French farmhouse table (if you’re lucky enough to have one of those!).

These are pretty useful too – the oblong pie dishes range in size from 16cm, perfect for one person, to 26cm which would provide plenty for two. They work for savoury and sweet dishes. The fact that you can cook in them and then display them on your table is an added bonus. They make a great change from the usual black or silver oven trays.

Cookery wise, they conduct heat very well meaning you get a nice crust on your pie or whatever you happen to be cooking. Some might find them a little on the thin side, but their visual appeal makes up for this.

Traditional enamel range from, starting at £1.99

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