A week of perfect pies

hellomagazine.com Hot on the heels of National Chip Week we’re into another of my favourite foods – Pie Week. Pies are perfect fare for these cold days and what other food can you have both as sweet and savoury.

A little kitchen creativity can lead to any number of warm, unctuous fillings – leftovers can be transformed into a tasty treat for a quick week night supper – and don’t worry if you (like me) have a bit of a problem with pastry – you can get some great supermarket versions now – just try and find ‘all butter’ varieties.

The possibilities are nearly endless – melting cheese, potatoes and kale, salmon with peas, crème fraiche and horseradish, cod with chorizo and tomatoes and that’s not even mentioning the sweet varieties, from the classic blackberry and apple to tart gooseberries or damsons – a large spoonful of thick double cream is a must.

I often nip out for pies given my, er, interesting relationship with pastry and the ones the boys do at Canteen are cracking. Here’s their recipe for a traditional steak and kidney pie – the addition of the dried mushrooms here is a nice touch, lending the pie a bit of umami-style oomph.

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