Colourful cutting Kitchen knives are an essential tool for any chef but can be quite pricy if you are aiming for a full set. Most chefs will keep two basic knives at all times – a large chopping, general purpose knife and a small paring knife for more delicate, intricate work.

From Kuhn Rikon, the innovative cookware makers from Switzerland, comes a range of funky coloured paring knives for your kitchen. The Colori non stick paring range come in bright colours that make them easily locatable in kitchen drawers or indeed if you are eating outdoors having a picnic. Their non-stick coating allows food to slip off the blade easily once cut and it also means they have coloured the blade up to the very tip too. Handily, they also come with a sturdy sheath so you don’t have to worry about damaging the edge of the blade in your kitchen drawer.

They’re a great all rounder for the kitchen and for eating al fresco and come in seven bright, fun colours.

Kuhn Rikon Colori non-stick paring knives, RRP £5.95. For stockists, call 01902 458410

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