Heath discovered the site for his restaurant bar BrightSide, on a corner opposite New Yorks McCarren Park, while out skateboarding
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Hollywood star Heath Ledger's restaurant bar set to open its doors

11 AUGUST 2008
Heath Ledger's final dream is to come true after his father, Kim, gave his blessing to the opening of BrightSide, the restaurant bar project of which the late Australian actor was co-owner.

Heath was working on the Brooklyn eatery when he passed away in January. After receiving funding from Kim, BrightSide is now to be opened in tribute to The Dark Knight star.

The nautical-themed interior features many personal touches designed by the acclaimed actor, who not only chose the location but christened the restaurant too.

A chessboard is engraved into one of the tables as a reminder of the 28-year-olds great love for the strategy game, revealed his friend and business partner Jud Mongell.

"Heath was a big chess player," he told Life and Style magazine, adding: "The whole idea was to make it a spot for us. We wanted to make it our own space to hang out."