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Heartbroken Katherine breaks down on stage as she performs for the first time since split

09 JANUARY 2012

It's been a week since she announced her split from her TV presenter fiancé Gethin Jones.

And the feelings are still very raw for Katherine Jenkins.

On the first night of her new tour, the classical singer was overcome by emotion as she took to the stage for her first song.

After performing, she had to take a step back to compose herself and was comforted by the conductor who encouraged her back to the mic.




The songbird's ring finger looked noticeably bare with no sign of the beautiful diamond ring Gethin gave her with a year ago.

It seemed that Katherine's tears began as she sang the song Your Silhouette. She sang the lyrics "lying in your empty bed" with such meaning and emotion that she was reduced to tears by the end of the performance.

Despite her sadness, she continued on to perform a magical first show and received a standing ovation from her audience.

The singer also took the time to thank her fans for their support over such a difficult time for her.  


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