21 JULY 2005

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Adapting to her new life with adoptive parent Angelina Jolie, wide-eyed Zahara Marley Jolie clung to her new mum as the pair were spotted in public for the first time.

It is clear Angelina is making a smooth transition to life as a mother-of-two, as she was also seen deftly carrying four-year-old son Maddox on her hip while cradling Zahara close to her heart.

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After making the long trip to the US from an Ethiopian orphanage in early July, five-month-old Zahara endured a week-long stay in a New York hospital. She was also treated for dehydration and malnutriton after it was discovered she was suffering from salmonella.

"In spite of her illness, she was very sweet, engaging and responsive," the baby's pediatrician Dr Jane Aronson, has been quoted as saying. "When she regained her strength she began to smile and coo. She was very connected to (Angelina) during her hospitalisation.

"It was clear that the love and devotion of her mother, along with the antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and formula, helped her to recover."

Five-month-old Zahara, who Angelina adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage recently, snuggled close to her new mum during an outing in Los Angeles
Photo: Rex
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Angelina is clearly adapting to life as a mum-of-two, deftly managing to carry both her tiny daughter and four-year-old son Maddox
Photo: Rex



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