The actress, who's looking to move from New York's trendy West Village to leafy Brooklyn, went house-hunting with husband Royston and their son Milo this week
Photo: Rex
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The trio were particularly interested in this $16 million property, which offers views of the Statue Of Liberty
Photo: Rex

Liv Tyler takes her boys house-hunting in New York's Brooklyn

10 APRIL 2008
Choosing a new house is not a decision to be entered into lightly. So when screen beauty Liv Tyler went house-hunting this week, she took along not only her British musician husband Royston Langdon but her three-year-old son Milo, too, for extra input.

The trio, who currently live in the Big Apple's West Village, spent the afternoon browsing townhouse-style properties in Brooklyn, including one three-storey, red brick edifice with high ceilings that Liv seemed particularly interested in.

On the market for $16 million, the 8,000-square-foot property features period details like doors with etched glass and grand fireplaces, plus views out over the Hudson and the Statue Of Liberty.