Kelly and Billy have become a regular fixture at Tinseltown's showbiz parties. The two met earlier this year while working on the thriller Three
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22 NOVEMBER 2004

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Kelly Brook has spoken for the first time about her very public break-up with movie hardman Jason Statham. The British actress, who found herself at the centre of a storm of media attention when she left Jason for Titanic star Billy Zane, says she is still on good terms with her ex.

"I respected him throughout the whole thing and I was totally honest with him," she revealed. "He doesn't hate me or think I humiliated him. What would have been ideal was if I'd been single for a while and then met Billy, but it just doesn't happen that neatly."

The 25-year-old met her new love on the set of the thriller Three earlier this year. Since then the pair have become almost inseparable and they are now planning to buy a home together in LA.

Kelly says she is a very different person to the young woman who first fell in love with Jason six years ago. "Im not the same as I was when we met," she explained. "I'm a lot more complex now a lot more high maintenance. And sometimes you dont know what you want until it hits you."

But the pretty brunette doesn't seem to be harbouring any reservations about her new beau. "The love I had for this man and the love Billy had for me it just took over," she said.

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