The 23-year-old actress was not wearing her engagement ring as she arrived for her West End show (above)
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Josephine branded the actor, who confessed to cheating, a "bloody idiot". "He's let down the entire family," she said
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19 JULY 2005

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While Sienna Miller has remained silent since fiance Jude Law publicly confessed to cheating, the issue has now become a family affair. Speaking from the steps of her Chelsea home, Sienna's mother Josephine had some choice words for the straying film star.

"He's let down the entire family… We were really hoping that Jude was the right guy for Sienna, now we just feel totally betrayed," she said.

The actor's public apology, in which he said he was "deeply ashamed and upset" over his behaviour, apparently hasn't endeared him to his onetime future mother-in-law, who branded him a "bloody idiot". "It is difficult to find it in myself to forgive him for what he's done," she remarked.

Sienna, no longer wearing her diamond engagement ring, is "not with Jude at the moment", confirms her mum. The 23-year-old blonde has, however, decided the show must go on when it comes to her current run on the West End. Grim-faced as she arrived at the Wyndham's Theatre on Monday, she broke into tears on stage after receiving a standing ovation as the curtain closed on As You Like It.

On the brighter side, the pretty Alfie star has plenty of support on the home front. "My concern now is for my daughter," says her mum. "I am very protective of her, but she will survive because she is a strong girl and a real trouper."