Dismissing reports of difficulties in their marriage, the Hollywood couple are concentrating on enjoying family time this weekend. On Friday they plan to help Suri blow out the candles on her second birthday cake
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Tom and Katie talk up their 'loving relationship' ahead of Suri's big day

18 APRIL 2008
Normally happy to let their warm displays of public affection do the talking, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have taken the unusual step of defending their relationship amid hurtful speculation about the union in the American press.

Responding to a magazine report that the Batman Begins actress was seeking a trial separation, a spokesman said: "Katie and her husband enjoy a close and loving relationship."

The article claimed the 29-year-old - who's been married to the Hollywood heavyweight since November 2006 - was planning to leave their LA home and move to New York with toddler Suri. According to the feature Ohio-raised Kate is keen to pursue her acting career on the Broadway stage.

This weekend the movie duo will have plenty of opportunity to put the rumours behind them as they celebrate a proud family occasion: the birthday of little Suri, who turns two on April 18.

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