Between takes Jude was making sure he stayed warm, donning a voluminous padded coat and woolly hat
Photo: Rex
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Although his role as Dr Watson called for the actor to race around the film's Liverpool set, his period costume was scarce protection against the UK's current cold snap
Photo: Rex

Jude prepared for British weather on Liverpool set of 'Sherlock'

20 NOVEMBER 2008
With temperatures dropping across the UK Jude Law was making sure he was well prepared for the worst the British weather could throw at him as he continued work on Guy Ritchie's new flick Sherlock Holmes.

While the plot's action probably kept him warm as - in character as Dr Watson - he raced around the Liverpool set in a lightweight period suit, between takes the 35-year-old British star sensibly wrapped up in a padded overcoat and woolly beanie hat.

In the movie, which is being touted as a darker reworking of the classic Victorian sleuth's tale, Jude plays the stalwart assistant to Robert Downey Jr's turn-of-the-century detective.

Also sharing the screen with the pair is RocknRolla actor Mark Strong, the detective's rival, and Wedding Crashers' actress Rachel McAdams.

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