After the book-signing, the children from Winifred's Junior School were treated to a private audience with the singer
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Her audience may have been a little younger than usual but Madge put on a stellar performance. The pop star is hoping her books will be a positive influence on young children
Photo: PA

12 NOVEMBER 2004

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Madonna delighted a group of British schoolchildren on Thursday with a reading from her latest book.

A large crowd of older fans queued up overnight for the chance to meet the Queen of Pop in Selfridges department store. But the pupils of Winifred's Junior School in south London were treated to a private audience, when Madge read extracts from the The Adventures Of Abdi in a specially prepared playroom.

The tome, which is inspired by the singer's Kabbalah faith, is the fourth in a series of children's books written by the 46-year-old. It tells the story of a little boy who must deliver the world's most precious necklace to a queen. Along the way he is robbed, thrown in a dungeon and has a surprising encounter with a snake - but he never gives up hope.

Madonna has been anxious that her stories should carry a positive message. And the next installment may come of something of a surprise to her fans, because the Material Girl is working on a tale about the pitfalls of being wealthy.

Lotsa De Casha will follow the exploits of an uppercrust pooch who has plenty of money but not many friends. "All the characters in the book will be animals and Lotsa de Casha is an Italian greyhound who is very rich but very unhappy," revealed publisher Nicholas Callaway. "He thinks only of himself."

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