The Canadian rocker with his portrait of Lindsay Lohan at the launch of the Hear The World Ambassadors exhibition
Photo: Rex
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Featuring 21 shots of stars, including one of Bryan's pal Amy Winehouse, the exhibition is part of an initiative to educate people about hearing loss and encourage them to protect their own
Photo: Bryan Adams/Hear The World

Bryan captures stunning shots of star pals for charity exhibition

2 MAY 2008
Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, who's also a gifted photographer, has used his talent with the camera to capture images of star pals for a global hearing-loss awareness campaign.

The result, Hear The World Ambassadors, was unveiled by the singer this week in New York. It features 21 images of famous names, including fellow singers Amy Winehouse and Rod Stewart as well as Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan, pictured cupping their ear to communicate an attempt to hear.

The photos, which will be auctioned online to raise funds for the hearing impaired, are part of an initiative which aims to break down the stigma surrounding the subject, as well as encouraging people to protect and appreciate their own hearing.