Accompanied by daughter Lourdes, the singer took baby David back to his homeland last year to show him the orphanage where he used to live
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Madonna 'to be given Malawi citizenship in thanks for her work'

24 MAY 2008
She has homes in the US and Britain and now it seems the Queen of Pop has a new land. Malawi is said to be making Madonna an honourary citizen in recognition of her work there.

As well as adopting her son David from the African country, the Four Minutes singer funds several orphanages in the land, feeding and educating thousands of youngsters. Caring Madonna is also setting up a girls' school near the capital to help the underprivileged.

"We are proud as a country to be associated with such a megastar," Billy Kaunda, Malawi's deputy tourism and culture minister, was reported as saying.

"She will have freedom of all cities here. She won't be bothered with issues like visas and other limitations."

Earlier this week, Madonna's documentary on Malawi, I Am Because We Are, premiered in Cannes to great acclaim.