Museum of Science and Industry Chicago body changes during pregnancy

You won't believe the changes that happen to a woman's body during pregnancy - watch video

A woman's body is pretty amazing, and even more so during pregnancy! The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago have posted a video, showing the extent to which a body changes while carrying a baby for nine months. The footage, titled 'Make Room for Baby from YOU! The Experience', takes viewers through each trimester, capturing how the woman's internal organs are increasingly squashed as the baby grows in size. The video then demonstrates how the body re-adjusts back to normal during the postpartum stage. Incorporated throughout, mother's quotes are added, illustrating both the physical and emotional changes during the nine months of pregnancy. "It's fascinating to me - the whole concept that you can grow another human being inside of you", says Dawn.

Another mum, Amy - who was pregnant with twins, says: "With twins, it was just crazy to see body parts kind of everywhere. You're like, 'Oh my god, there's two heads. There's a lot of arms and legs". Meanwhile, new mum Shelly recognises the severity of the impact carrying a baby has on the body: "Something that is supposed to be two pounds could be kicking you that hard? Sometimes it kind of takes your breath away!".

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The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago's video captured the impact carrying a baby has on a pregnant woman's body


The interactive video both shows and tells the impacts of growing a baby

The video also explains in detail the physical effects on the body during the nine months. Between the first trimester in weeks 9-12, the woman's heart pumps harder, while food cravings and aversions occur during the second semester, between weeks 17-20. The baby moves a staggering 30 times an hour in the final trimester, with other effects including muscles and joints loosening. After having the baby, the video explains how during postpartum stage, hormones trigger afterpains, ending with a quote from mum, Kathryn, who describes how she felt during the early weeks of giving birth: "It's terrifying in some ways. It's like, 'Put it back in, I wasn't ready yet!'"

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